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The bathroom is one of the most likely places for the growth of mildew and mold, making it even more important to clean regularly. However, all those surfaces (baths, toilets, sinks, etc.) could make for long hours of scrubbing or buffing, but with a few quick tips, you could cut your cleaning time considerably.

Here are a few quick tips for making your bathroom sparkle.

Check Your Pantry

Common household ingredients can be just as effective and cost efficient as regular cleaning solutions. If you find yourself running out at a moment’s notice or just want to try something different, try your pantry.

Adding one cup of water to one cup of vinegar to a spray bottle can do wonders for a tiled bathroom wall. Likewise, it can also remove the stains from grout and around the sink. If you need a little more abrasion, try mixing water and baking soda together to create a thick paste. A quick pass with an old brush or not-in-use toothbrush should help get those grout lines looking fresh and clean in no time.

The cleaning doesn’t stop with the wall and grout, however. You can use the same vinegar solution to clean your shower head, sink faucets and knobs—assuming they aren’t sensitive to abrasive cleaners or solutions—and bathtub faucets.

Try a Lemon

That’s right. A lemon. Lemons are excellent cleaning agents that leave your home with a fresh and pleasant scent—even in the bathroom. Just like vinegar, you can use a lemon to get rid of grime and horrid smells by either cutting the lemon in half and using it as a mild scrubber or squeezing it into a solution. Adding a little salt or baking soda could also give you the abrasive edge you need for those extra tough jobs.

Lemons’ acidity is great for cutting through soap scum and those extra “morning prep” residuals. Most home cleaning solutions featuring lemon as the key ingredient also tend to be less harsh for those with sensitivities.

These are but a few of the most common household cleaners that get the job done. However, as with regular cleaners, make sure that you take measures to ensure your safety, such as gloves, eyewear when needed and a mask.

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