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You may have decided to embark on a new adventure in life by selling your home for a fresh start. With all the steps
needed to sell your property, it’s good to be aware of the most common home selling problems to avoid them.

Not making needed repairs before listing 

Before listing your home on the real estate market, it’s a great idea to make needed repairs before potential buyers
can visit the space. 

These repairs may include fixing floor tiling, updating the plumbing system, fixing window seals and other areas of
the home. 

Fixing these ahead of time allows you to list your home for a great price without having to make too many reductions
based on repairs required. 

Home is not depersonalized 

One huge mistake sellers make is not depersonalizing their home. This means taking down personal items such as
household photos, pet items, hobby collections and other materials. 

Depersonalizing the home not only aids in cleaning the space, but makes room for potential buyers to get a better
picture of what their future could appear like living within the space. 

Setting your listing price too high 

Before setting a price on your real estate listing, work alongside your real estate agent to research your current
market to see how much similar homes in the area are going for. 

Pricing your home much higher than similar properties being sold may turn potential buyers away from even considering
your home. By listing at or slightly below market value, you can increase your pool of potential homebuyers, which
can boost buyer competition for your home resulting in a favorable profit. 

Selling your home is a tough task, so take every step one at a time. Work closely with your real estate agent to find
areas in need of improvement and watch the market to navigate your home selling journey.

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