Great low maintenance plants to grow in your home

You don’t have to be a gardening professional to grow indoor plants because fortunately, there are plenty of low maintenance plants that can thrive in an indoor setting without having to dedicate too much of your time. 

Jade plant

Jade plants are “easygoing” and dont require much attention to thrive indoors. With a small pot to grow in, adequate daily sunlight and water every few days when the soil becomes dry – this plant is great for beginners. With proper care, the Jade plant can produce thick, luscious leaves and add flair to your home year-round.

Cacti & desert plants

Cacti and other desert plants thrive naturally in harsh conditions such as places with warm and dry heat, as they require little water to grow in comparison to many other plants. During warmer months, they may need watering about once a week and during colder months, should be watered about once every three weeks. 

Aloe plant

Aloe is a gorgeous succulent plant that also has amazing medicinal properties. Durable in nature, aloe requires watering about once a week or when the soil starts to become dry. It does prefer a nice dosage of sunlight, so if you have the space to put it near a window, that would be ideal. 

Spider plant

A spider plant is perfect for those with ceiling out of range of direct light and can add pizzazz to any indoor space. Spider plants thrive on moisture and will wither if too dry or wet – it’s best to avoid direct sunlight because the sun can scorch its leaves. 


If you’re searching for a pop of hue, Kalanchoe plants are an excellent choice for your home and under good conditions, it’ll bloom year-round. Native to areas with dry weather, the Kalanchoe loves sunshine, low humidity and warmth. 

To help this plant to thrive, water thoroughly when the soil becomes dry, being especially careful in the cooler months not to let it dry out.

Indoor plants can add excitement, hue and style to your living and work space. Even if you’ve got a limited area to work with or no green thumb, there is an indoor plant for you.

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