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Prestige Waterfront Realty | AsKPWR we specialize in the sales and liquidation of all residential and commercial waterfront (intracoastal, oceanfront) and dry lot, single family homes, condominium, villas, townhomes, apartments, condo hotels, and cooperatives throughout South Florida. 

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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local Full Time Prestige Waterfront Realty REALTOR When Listing Your Home in South Florida

  1.  Prestige Waterfront Realty | AskPWR Real Estate agents have extensive knowledge of current market conditions, where buyers are coming from, what buyers are looking for, and which home improvements you should tackle to get top dollar when selling your property.
  2. Our REALTORS are familiar with all local forms that will be needed through the transaction to process and how to properly use them. Along with our network of local, licensed, insured, and most importantly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we take the stress out of the equation for a seller by assuring them that the team they are choosing will protect your assets throughout the transaction, and follow the listing and purchase contract timelines.
  3.  Our listing agents are experienced negotiators. By serving as a middleman for the seller we are not only creating an arms-length transaction and further protecting you but also handling the negotiations and terms for the sale of your home. This is vital as negotiations can become messy and quickly rune a deal, thus making it important to make sure you have a professional on your side who can assist when speaking to the buyer or buyer’s agent.
  4.  A good agent will an effective marketing plan. While listing your home on Zillow and is great and will get your phone ringing, it does not ensure that your property is being seen by the right buyers to result in offers that you would consider. 
  5. Your time is worth money and stress. Regardless if you are working or trying to enjoy your vacation on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches taking time to answer the same questions, schedule showings, and spend hours on the phone with “investors” or “cash-buyers” who end up placing lowball offers or tying up your property before backing out last minute will stress you out and drive you nuts. Prestige Waterfront Realty real estate listing agents know what questions to ask and also if that “potential buyer” happens to have placed lowball offers on every single listing with out office.
  6. Aside from marketing your property, scheduling showings and educating buyers and their out of town part-time real estate agents we also identify who may not qualify to purchase a property, saving you time and the headache of getting to the end of a transaction only to find out that the buyer, condo building, or homeowner association does not qualify for a mortgage.
  7. While our agents are not licensed attorneys, they absolutely know the legal requirements for a contract and how they should be implemented throughout the transaction to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. REALTOR’S know what information needs to be disclosed to a potential buyer to prevent any unnecessary issues from arising in the future.
  8. Our job is to provide you with the knowledge, information and a variety of marketing options so you can make the right educated financial decision when selling your property in Florida.
  9. We love what we do and enjoy exceeding expectations by leveraging our technology and knowledge. At Prestige Waterfront Realty we work as a team in getting your home sold. Thus we have extensive knowledge of statistics that most agents don’t. Things like where are buyers coming form, what are their likes & dislikes, what are buyer’s wants and needs, who is buying and how is browsing all based on our proprietary internal database comprised of over one billion in deals closed, millions of marketing pieces mailed, online video statistics, and dozens of website and email campaigns that tracking buyer habits. This helps us focus our time, efforts, and marketing budget to create higher conversion rates, more interest, multiple offers and the most money for our clients.
  10. Hiring an agent to list your home brings more money to the table and into your pocket. While it may seem like you are paying a lot in commissions when you use a listing agent, sellers who don’t are more likely to lose out on money.