From Miami to Palm Beach, now is the best time to sell your house in South Florida. While the 2023 housing market has not been kind to much of the United States, Florida has held up much better than the rest. The “golden handcuffs” effect has drastically limited supply levels, reduced liquidity greatly but managed to keep the prices higher then most places.

The Right Time to Sell is Now

Halfway through 2023, housing experts maintain predictions of mortgage rate instability, a decline in home sale volume, and even median home prices plunging by 20%-30% in some areas. Skyrocketing interest rates, insurance costs, and affordability will discourage most buyers from buying a home in 2023.

Every part of Florida has the best time to sell a house aka, the magic window. Listing your Florida house for sale during this window to sell your Florida house fast and maximize your proceeds.

Some Key Takeaways

  •  Is This the Right Time to Sell a house in Florida? Yes, i’s the right time to sell a home. Things may get worse before they get better.
  • Best Month to Sell a House in Florida: It depends on who your target buyer is. June may be the best month to sell your single-family home if you live in an area where buyers shop for the A-rated school zones. Houses spend lesser time on the market and sell for higher prices as parents rush to qualify their kids for a new school zone. Oceanfront condos typically do better from November through April as snowbirds and tourists come down to enjoy their vacation and shop for new vacation homes.
  • What is the Best Day to List Your Home? Thursday is the best day to put your house on the market. This ensures that it syndicates and finds its way onto other online sites just in time for local real estate agents and REALTORS to schedule showings for the weekend. Homes that get listed on Thursday get the maximum exposure and sales profits.
  • Best Way to Sell: List on the MLS with a knowledgeable local REALTOR that can create maximum exposure and maximum saving on home sales.

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